Women in my Son’s Life

Too early to be posed with this question right? Especially because my son is only two! But then I think I am already feeling the pressure.
When I brought up the topic one day, a male colleague casually commented that women are always insecure about men in their life – be it husbands or sons.
May be it is true to some extent. Or may be it’s true in my case because I am a working mother and don’t end up spending too much time with my son. I somehow get insecure when I find him attracted to the other women in his life.
Who are these other women?

His Maternal Grandmom – Since he spends most part of his day with her, it is only natural that my son thinks she is next best substitute for his mom. So much so that in lullaby and rhymes which mention the word mother, he replaces it with the word grandmother!

His Nanny – I have hired help at home to take care of my son in my absence and assist my mother/mother-in-law in looking after him. Since, the girl is my son’s always available never complaining playmate he is extremely fond of her. You offer him a chocolate and he will ask one more from you for her. The girl too lovingly does her duties towards him. There have been times when my son has woken up from his nap on weekends and called out her name inspite of me being around. Ofcourse, when he did realize that I was around, he chose me over her.

His Teacher – What luck that she shares the same first name as me! When I’m home and I ask my son about what he did at school, all that I am inundated with is his day with his teacher. Teacher this, teacher that. The lady has become of paramount importance in my son’s school life. My son only obeys her instructions. He is willing to perform all school activities only if she has asked him to do so. The same child who throws a tantrum with me is well-behaved with his teacher. These days, I often make him follow my instructions by telling him that his teacher wants him to do so.

Believe me, I am not “insecure” of other women becoming more important to my son than me. But I am prompted to think if things would have been the same had I not been a working mom. Teacher, I can understand coz that’s the next best thing to mom while in school.
I guess my son is too young right now for me to even talk about “other women”. All that the l’il one understands right now is the language of love. Whoever speaks to him in that language he reciprocates.
And then the day will come when he will have his first girlfriend. And then, few years later he will bring home his wife. And I will have a daughter-in-law! More women in his life…OMG! Am I ready?


Domas said...

theres a hindi saying aurat hi aurat ki sabse badi dushman hoti hai

workhard said...

I guess when u spend more time with your own son, your bond will definitely grow...

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Sarah said...

awww... dont worry.. I used to go through insecurities like that. But the main point is not to compete with any of the other women but to just selflessly love our children from our part. All of these women can be there for our children as well and we just have to accept that.. that's all.

Mita said...

dont agree at all..i have a son of 6 yrs and i don't feel insecure of all the women close to him...there are so many bigger things to worry about than these..i worry most abt accidents while playing...his tendency to go out of the gate on the road to ride bicycles...i wud rather love him to have his gf soon so that she can take care of his activities...

Left full time work and am a consultant now.

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