Maid in India

What does the word “maid” mean to you? Half an hour of extra sleep, freedom from the dishes or spared of mundane domestic chores?
Well to me maid is actually all of this and sometimes more. I use my domestic help at home in a smart way. I’ve planned out her responsibilities in a way such that I can spend possible maximum with my child and husband and not get bogged down by chores. Here are some tips for other working mothers that I can share with my experience:

  • Plan out your domestic help’s KRAs (Key Result Areas) before you employ her. Before finalizing on the right person, make sure that the person understands and has agreed to do the responsibilities.
  • Insist on your domestic help giving you his/her photographs and residence proof.
  • If she was employed earlier, at least ask for one reference. This is very important considering the safety and security of your child.
  • Try to employ an experienced nanny for your infant. Most novices find it difficult to handle babies. If your child is two-three and has started playing outdoors, a young girl will suit the purpose.
  • Try to employ help who lives in the vicinity. This will give you better flexibility to adjust time with her.
  • If you plan to employ a young girl, check her proof of age. Remember to always employ girls who are above 18 of years of age. Anything less than that constitutes to child labour. Reference checks are all the more important here.
  • If you notice that the girl you have employed is getting over-friendly with your driver, watchman or other man-servants in the house, reprimand her immediately.
  • Come home at unusual hours so that there are surprise checks on the maids/servants you employ.
  • Always be very particular about hygiene. Insist that your maid (especially if she is a nanny) have clean nails, hair, body and most importantly breath.
  • If she is a live-in maid, monitor the clothes she wears and ensure that her clothes too are washed clean by her.


workhard said...

My housemaid really stresses me out.. i guess when we start giving them liberty.. they tend to sit on your head..

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DesiMom said...

As a mom of two living in the US, hiring a full-time maid is an all-time fantasy. But recent visits to India have consistently revealed that it isn't as hunky-dory as one would like to believe it is.

You are right it involves a lot of professionalism on either side, planning and more importantly a personality match. Reliable, punctual, organised, those kinds of traits I mean.

Anonymous said...


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