Banish Rote Learning

Union Education Minister Kapil Sibal has promised to banish rote learning from the Indian education system. If his words are anything to go by, our schooling will encourage children to follow their heart.
Children will not have to learn pages and pages of text instead focus on a more practical approach to learning.
As a parent, I welcome the move. This decision will give our children an opportunity to mature as individuals and follow their hearts.
We’ll let our children enjoy sports and dramatics as well while teaching them life skills. We’ll teach them languages and expose them to literature not so that they write good essays in three-hour examinations but only to sow the seed for a good Indian author. We will teach them arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry so that India may lead the world in science and technology.
This system will lay emphasis on self-discipline. But will it be easy for parents to keep a check on their wards? How will they know that their wards are progressing? How will the system be able to motivate a student who is intelligent and capable but lacks self-motivation? If we relax evaluation norms to accommodate average students, will we not lower our standard of education?
Guess, time will answer all my questions?


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Anonymous said...

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