Time Management Tips for Working Mothers

“I just don’t find the time to do it!” Do you often find yourself saying this to yourself and others? Well, then join the gang of working mothers for whom time is more precious than all their jewellery and money put together.
However, some good planning can help you squeeze in at least a few hours for yourself – to relax and rejuvenate and gear up to meet all demands and expectations.
  • This is the key to successful time management. Try to plan in advance as much as possible. Over the weekend, think through what you would like to fix for all the meals of the week.
  • Keep a calendar and try to stick to it as much as possible. Pin a printout of the this weekly schedule at a place where you can easily refer to it. (Some members of your family may think you are overdoing it but believe staying organized always helps).
  • Don’t overdo on the “most healthy diet always” bit. Be practical and logical. For ex – it’s ok if say once in a week you have to order food from a restaurant. Believe me, your family is waiting for such a golden opportunity. It will even give you some relief from the chores.
  • Try to manage work in the office such that you finish about 10-15 min before closing time. This will give you enough time to leave work peacefully at the same handle any last minute exigencies at work.
  • If you are in a profession that means regular late evenings, try to work out a schedule with your senior that is convenient and not too stressful on you or your family. If this not a possibility at all, then try to plan your work such that at least you can give your family (especially children) more time in the mornings.


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Rohman said...

Time management is critical not only for a working mom but also for all of the people. It helps you to deal with the tasks and time that you are frequently running out. A working mom need time management to maintain their two important things, job and children.

But in its implementation, time management skills will also require you to master the others skill such goal setting skill, decision making skill, delegation skill, or prioritizing skills.

Though, not all of the skills you will use most but each of them will take the role according to the condition or problem that you are facing. When you often feel confuse about what you should do first in your day, you may need to sharpen you goal setting skills. When you like to procrastinate any tasks later and later you may need to learn more about decision making skill. When you always feel exhausted in doing your tasks and end your day with no power left, you may need to learn more the principle to make a good delegation.

Both of the skills will support the implementation of your time management if you know how you could use it.

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Arshini Preetish said...

Working moms often wish there were more time in the day to spend with their families or get more done at the office. There are many ways to manage their time more effectively.

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