Heart to Heart

I consider my friend Gandhali the strongest mom I have ever met and interacted with. One of her twins was born with a ventricular septal defect, a condition in which pure blood mixes with impure blood. Instead of letting the world around her come crashing down, Gandhali became her own pillar of strength.
The first few months after her twins were born were probably the most difficult phase in her life. When she would tell me about her daughter over the phone, I would put up a brave face but would break down soon after. I often would discuss with my husband how Gandhali managed to stay so emotionally balanced when she was in the middle of it all. He said that all her inner strength was God given and after all, she’s a mother!
Her children are now two and half and by God’s grace - hale and hearty. Though I do credit her husband and rest of the family for the excellent support, it is she who deserves the most appreciation. It was surely not easy to leave one child behind to look after another in the hospital!

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