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It's a mad, mad mad world. And crazy too! While surfing the internet I came across an interesting blogpost on wacky laws for children. This lead to googling a li'l more about wacky inventions and I stumbled upon the website of the Oracle ThinkQuest Foundation.
The site lists America's Goofiest Patents and totally absurd inventions. Some of the inventions are outright funny. Some useful but a bit dangerous. Some stupid and some plain non-sense. Thank god, these are purely patents and no geniuses have yet manufactured and sold them as baby products! I picked up three of the several listed that I most liked/laughed at. Mind you, the images here are actual patent illustrations and not artists' representation! Copyright for the info and images is with T.VanCleave

Baby Patter - This is a motorized hand that pats the baby to sleep incase he/she wakes up at night disturbing the parents' sleep.
Imagine your baby wakes up at night to find a hand and not you patting him!!!

Baby Cage - An oval shaped dome that will take an adult's weight and make sure you don't accidentally sleep on your baby!!!

Caging your junior so that you don't run him over! Yucks!!!

Diaper Changer - A flat plank, a torso barrier and feet clinger to make sure your baby can't move while you change diapers.
Arrest the li'l one to make sure diaper changing is not an ordeal!


Mom with a Dot said...

Ha! Ha! Unbelievable

a2zbaby said...

Really interesting post, everyone really it and your images are very funny..

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baby products said...

Yes the inventions are outright funny, and the pictures are absolutely brilliant and really funny to see, thanks for these funny pictures!

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Johnpaul said...

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Anamika Sureka said...

lolz..this is hillarious..

first time on your blog..i am a new mommie :)

Rose Dani said...

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Payal Malhotra said...

I really like these funny baby products. Diaper Changer is hilarious. I am laughing by seeing these extremely funny products and your blog is awesome.

baby products India said...

Interesting post!! Thanks for Sharing..

Online Baby Store said...

Its too funny and ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

OMG... I think its not so funny. Because kids need more care and protection. Anyway, thank you so much for the share

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HealthTips said...

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Yatika Dhingra said...

Okay...that is a great article and fabulous..
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