Maternity Rules Working Mothers Should Know

It is important for all working women to know about the Maternity Benefit Act and what it means for them. Some highlights –

You can avail of maternity benefit if you have been employed for not less than 80 days.
It is advisable to give a written notice to the employer before going on maternity leave but failure to do so does not disentitle you from receiving maternity benefits.
A woman employee cannot be dismissed while absent on maternity leave. Neither can her conditions of service be varied.

Most importantly, speak to the right person in your HR or Admin department to know about the rules and regulations in your organization.

Women Government Employees
The government of India has decided to increase maternity leave for all central government women employees. An additional two years of childcare leave has also been granted.
The new rules which came into effect on 1st September 2009, increase maternity leave from 135 days to 180 days and provide for an additional two years of paid leave for childcare purposes.
The childcare leave can be taken at any time and for any reason (exams, sickness...) during an employee's career, including immediately after maternity leave, without affecting her seniority. The childcare leave is available to women employees with children under the age of 18 and for up to two children only.


Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

wow! wish i worked in a government organization. private companies too must offer such benefits as employees of these companies slog a lot. well... wishful thinking. agle janam mohe government employee hi kijo ;)

Prem said...

Does 80 include working days only? What about Saturday and Sundays? Also whether Maternity Amendment has been passed in 2008?

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