Test of English as a Funny Language

Young English learners often make amusing grammatical errors. And when these are shot from the mouth of a four-year-old, they sure leave you in splits. Sample some –

Kiddo: Mamma, what does the tailor do in the blouse? 
Mamma: Ahem!

Kiddo: Mamma, let’s go to she’s house!!! 
Mamma: Huh!! (Mamma finally cracks it – He – His; She – She’s!!!)

Kiddo: Mamma, I am vamming…
Mamma: Vamming, what is that?
Kiddo: Arrey, exercising in Marathi!!!
(He meant vyayam – meaning exercise in Marathi/Hindi)

Here’s the Case of Curious Kids

Kiddo: Mamma, do all babies come from the stomach?
Mamma: Yes, son
Kiddo: So, did I also come from the stomach?
Mamma: Yes, son
Kiddo: So, will a baby come from my stomach too?
Mamma: No darling… Babies only come from girls’ stomachs…
Kiddo: So, will babies come out from the stomach of all girls in my class…
Mamma: Ahem, yes son one day they will…
Kiddo: Hurray! Then I will get to play with so many babies at one time…

Kiddo: Mamma, we are herbivores or carnivores?
Mamma: We are omnivores, baccha…
Kiddo: Huh? What does that mean?
Mamma: Means, we eat both chicken and vegetables…
Kiddo: Yayyyyy… I am omnivore… I am omnivore… I am omnivore…


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